Outdoor Run = Happy Girl

Like a lot of the country, the so-called ‘Polar Vortex’ brought some seriously cold weather our way recently. The cold temps and snowy trails kept me inside for the last couple months, but today I emerged into the fresh air for an outdoor run. Temps were in the mid-30s and the sun was peeking through the clouds. Perfect.

I knew I missed running outside, but I don’t think I realized how much until my feet hit the pavement.

outdoor run 1.14

The path was mostly clear. There were some slushy areas where I slowed down a little, but nothing I couldn’t run through. (Though, I can feel a little soreness in my ankles tonight, and I think it’s from the slush – worth it.) I got in a solid 4.5 mile run. My RunKeeper was apparently mad that I hadn’t used it in a while because it was way off, particularly for the first mile. Then, I think it warmed up. But, my trusty Garmin was ready to go after being awaken from hibernation.

outdoor run 1.14 (2)


I hope the winter running gear doesn’t have to stay packed away too much more this year, but it is Minnesota, so who knows!

Did you get to run outside today?


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