Current Obsessions – January

I tend to go through phases with things: music, food, TV shows, etc. I’ll find something I like, be obsessed with it for awhile and then either get sick of it or find something else to be obsessed with. (Anyone else do this?)

So, I figured I’d start sharing some of the things that I’m currently obsessed with each month. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something new you want to try! And I hope you’ll share some of your current obsessions with me.

Fat free cottage cheese and grapes. This is my current snack time obsession. I’ve always loved pairing cheese with grapes. I hadn’t had cottage cheese in a really long time, but when I had a coupon for it recently, I decided to give it another try. Pairing it with grapes makes for the perfect afternoon snack at work or after a run. It’s got lots of protein and fills me up.

jan obs 1

Special K Oats & Honey. My mom had this at home over the holidays, so I gave it a try. So yummy! I can eat it straight out of the box like chips.

jan obs 2

Hot chocolate. I never used to be a huge hot chocolate fan, but this winter I’ve been having it a lot more. I found this fat free one that tastes good and lets me enjoy it guilt free. And, of course, I top it with a few mini marshmallows.

jan obs 3

The West Wing. I first became obsessed with this show last winter when I watched the whole series on Netflix. (I never watched it when it was on TV.) I got in the mood to watch it again, so I’m currently making my way through the series and fighting the urge to move to D.C. and start applying for jobs at the White House.

My Team Challenge jacket. It’s cold. This jacket keeps me warm while I watch TV and sip on something warm (see previous two obsessions)

tc jacket

“Come & Get It” by Selena Gomez. I’ve had this song on repeat recently. I can’t help it. It’s perfect on my running playlist and a great song to belt out in my car. Give it a listen:

Think it’s time for a cup of hot chocolate 😉

What are some of your current obsessions?


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