A Little Loony & Week 4 of 30 Day Challenges

I might be crazy, or at least a little loony, because I’ve officially registered for my first race in 2014. Well, actually, it’s 3 races in one weekend – hence, crazy. I signed up for the TC Loony Challenge in October. This Challenge involves running the TC 5K and TC 10K on Saturday and then the Medtronic TC 10 mile on Sunday.

I really wanted to do the Medtronic TC 10 mile this year, but it’s so popular that they have a lottery for registration. By signing up for the challenge, you get an automatic entry into the 10 mile. Plus, early-bird pricing on all 3 races, so not a bad deal.

I was a bit nervous to register for the challenge (for some reason I always get a little nervous before registering for a new race/distance). But, then I realized that the challenge is a lot like Ragnar Relay. I had a blast running Ragnar last summer, and not only survived it but felt great during all 3 of my legs. After I realized the similarities, my nerves subsided. I know I can train for multiple runs in a couple days. The 5K and 10K will be back to back, which will be a little tougher, but I’ll get to sleep in my own bed before doing the 10 mile instead of trying to sleep in a van (or on a football field :)).

After Ragnar Relay 2013
After Ragnar Relay 2013

I’m excited to have some fall races to train for over the summer and something to look forward to as 2014 gets underway. I’ve got a 10 mile and 10K race that I plan to do in April. I’m also looking at doing a destination race this spring, so 2014 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for races!

30 Day Challenges update – Week 4 is complete! I started breaking up the planks to reach my total time since I can’t seem to break the 2 – 2:30 minute mark. I’ve actually only got one more day to go and can happily say that I didn’t miss a day! I’ve greatly increased my plank time, upped the number of push-ups I can do, and can feel my legs getting stronger from all the squats.

The challenges were a great addition to my December workouts and really helped me keep fitness top of mind during the holidays. Maybe I’ll do another one in January too; just gotta figure out what it will be!


I hope you had a great Christmas!

What races do you have planned for 2014? What should my next 30 day challenge be? 


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