Week 3 of 30 Day Challenges & Holiday Treats

Week 3 is complete! I made it through another week and got all of my challenges in each day. I have to admit that the planks have gotten a lot harder. I do okay getting up to 1:30 – 2 minutes, but now that I’m up to 2:30 and 3 minute planks, I’m having trouble holding it the whole time. I was supposed to hold a plank for 3 minutes today and just couldn’t do it. Crapped out around 2:30. But, that’s okay. The important thing is I’m doing it every day, holding it a long as I can, and getting stronger in the process (just maybe not as fast as the plan calls for).

The temps were in the 20’s on Saturday and I geared up for my first outdoor run since Thanksgiving. But, when I got to the bike/walk path, I saw that it had a lot of packed snow on it. A braver runner might have attempted it, but I opted to go back inside and hit the treadmill. Might need to invest in Yaktrax or something so I can get outside and feel confident in my footing. I got in 3.5 miles on the treadmill (10:30 pace) and felt great.

This morning I woke up and could feel a little soreness in my legs after my run and a total of 145 squats the day before. So, I just walked for 30 minutes and did my plank and 80 squats to complete my challenges for the day (it was a rest day for push ups).

The 30 day challenges have kept me active each day, which is good because this weekend has been full of holiday fun and treats. Including this guy at a fabulous Christmas party Saturday night…

Reindeer made of cupcakes!
Reindeer made of cupcakes!

And a Sunday afternoon of baking these…

Cookie baking party! (I made the gingerbread men :))
Cookie baking party! (I made the gingerbread men :))
Seriously, we made a lot of cookies!
Seriously, we made a lot of cookies!

What holiday treats did you eat/make this weekend? What do you wear for running in the snow?


6 thoughts on “Week 3 of 30 Day Challenges & Holiday Treats

  1. I found it hard to see my longer planks to completion, so I would hold them for as long as possible, and break if I started shaking and aching. Then, I would plank again until my time goal was complete. At least this way, you’re still getting your full plank time in.

    • Yea, I’ve done that a couple times too! I feel like my arms are what gets tired first and that makes it hard to hold for so long.

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