Putting Running Back in the Rotation

I ran on Tuesday night for the first time in about 2 weeks. It felt great! I’ve enjoyed taking a break from running; I think it’s helped me appreciate it in a new way and allowed me to miss it. Tuesday’s run wasn’t for training–it was just for fun.

I met Hyedi at the Metrodome for Dome Running. The Minnesota Distance Running Association opens up the Metrodome on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for runners to get in some miles off the treadmill during cold Minnesota winters. It costs $1. Yes, $1. This was only the second time I’ve gone, and it will be the last time – well at least at the Metrodome as we know it. They’re tearing it down to build a new stadium for the MN Vikings. So, the end of December will mean the end of Dome Running, but Hyedi and I had to get in one more run.

2.5 laps around the stadium is about a mile. We ran for 30 minutes and did just over 8 laps – a bit short of a marathon. 😉

dome running sign

dome running miles

Apparently I can't walk and take pics at the same time
Apparently I can’t walk and take pics at the same time

I think I’m still going to keep varying my workouts, but I’m going to start working running back into my rotation. I’m already starting to think about spring races and training is going to need to begin in the new year. Until then, I’ll enjoy the variety and cross training. I swam last Sunday morning and it felt great to get back in the pool–and to wear flip flops in the middle of December in Minnesota. 🙂 Of course I followed my swim with a few minutes in the hot tub.

sunday swim

What are your favorite cross training workouts? Are you thinking about 2014 races?


2 thoughts on “Putting Running Back in the Rotation

  1. I asked Hyedi about that and am so jealous I don’t like in the cities! I haven’t ran in a long while. But I need to start getting outside, with the roads up north it’ll be more walking than anything, but that’s okay by me!

    • Yea, it’s a nice alternative if roads/paths/sidewalks are bad. Felt great to run, but also makes me want to get back outside.

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