Week 1 of 30 Day Challenges & Weekend Fun

Happy to report that week 1 of my 30 day challenges is complete! I’m up to 45 seconds on the plank, 21 push ups, and 90 squats. I can already feel each of these getting easier as I do them everyday.

Week 1 = done!
Week 1 = done!

On Saturday morning, I met up with Hyedi to grab coffee and then we got to take a backstage tour of the Guthrie Theater. It was a really cool tour and really makes me want to go see a show there! They’re showing A Christmas Carol right now, so the set was up in one of their theaters which was really cool to see. We heard about the history of the theater and the decision to “put the theaters in the sky,” meaning they are on the 4th floor which allows for great views of the Mississippi river and downtown Minneapolis. We couldn’t take pictures on the tour, but here are a couple from outside the theater.

Guthrie1   Guthrie2

On Saturday night, I went with my sister and some friends to watch the Holidazzle parade. It was literally freezing (sub-zero temps), so we planned to head downtown early and commandeer a spot on the 2nd floor of Barnes & Noble where you can look out the window and see the parade while staying toasty warm. We scored a great spot and saw all the pretty lights!


From there we headed over to Hell’s Kitchen for dinner. The ham and pear crisp sandwich was pretty good. Could’ve even used more pear on it.

Hell's Kitchen   HK ham and pear

I got up Sunday morning and headed back to Revolution Cycle + Fitness for my second free class. I met Hyedi and Mandy there and we did the Absolutely Arms class. I can assure you it was a stellar arm workout because my muscles are still feeling the sore today.

It was supposed to lightly snow all day, so I ran by Target on my way home so that I wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of my couch for the rest of the day and that’s pretty much what I did. Nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon while it’s snowing outside.

What fun things did you do last weekend? Anyone else successfully complete the first week of a 30 day challenge?


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