Turkey Trot Race Recap & Thanksgiving

I know a lot of people kicked off the Thanksgiving holiday with a turkey trot or other race. I did too! I was in my hometown in Wisconsin and they have an annual Turkey Trot. I’d heard about it on the news in past years, so this year I looked up info on the race and found out it’s a 5 mile run and they have a 2 mile walk. My family was on board for participating too, so my parents and the dog did the 2 mile walk (along with some of our other relatives) and I did the 5 mile run.

turk trot bib

It was about 20 degrees that morning and I had such a hard time deciding what to wear! I couldn’t decide how many layers I wanted. It’s always that dilemma of  being semi-warm while waiting at the start line but not getting overheated once you start running. I brought an extra shirt, hat, and socks in the car and figured I’d make a game-time decision with whether to add any layers.

We got downtown about 7:15 a.m. and found a parking spot just 3-4 blocks from the start/finish line. The race started at 8 and we hung out in the warm car until about 7:45 since we were so close to the start. I got out of the car at 7:40 to do some dynamic stretching and see what the temperature was like. I decided not to add any other layers which ended up being the right decision. Since we were so close to the start, I only had to hang out at the start line for about 15 minutes before things got underway.

Start line
Start line

I wasn’t sure what my legs were going to feel like for this run. The last run I had done was the previous Sunday. The only other harder workout I did this past week was a spin class at 6 a.m. on Tuesday (more on that later). I was still recovering from the Las Vegas half, so I told my parents that I expected to be done in about 50-53 minutes (10:00-10:30 min miles). I was kind of thinking they would be closer to the 10:30 mark. 

We took off and I felt good. Honestly, it was just nice to be moving so I could warm up. I was looking down at my watch periodically and noticed that I was running a bit fast (well, for me). I was hanging around a 9:30 pace for a bit. Partially the adrenaline and partially because I think the cold weather makes me want to run faster. I told myself to slow down a bit, but my mile 1 split was still about 9:45.

My toes were a bit cold for the first 2 miles and I was regretting not wearing another pair of socks, but I’ve never run with 2 pairs of socks and felt like that might cause more problems than it would solve. After mile 2 my toes were warmed up (or numb) and I just focused on running. I was still holding a pace near 10 min miles.

Before I knew it we were crossing a bridge to head back downtown and I saw the mile 4 sign. With 1/2 mile left I still had a good amount of energy, but I didn’t kick it into high gear yet. I was coming down the home stretch and realized that I could actually finish under 50 minutes, so I picked up the pace as I crossed the finish line. My official time was 49:37! I’m really happy with that cause, like I said, I was not sure what my legs were going to let me do that morning and I was definitely not expecting it to be sub-50.

My parents and the dog (Duchess) had just finished the 2 mile walk and saw me cross the finish line.

Duchess made it through her first turkey trot too!
Duchess made it through her first turkey trot too!

You don’t get a medal for finishing this race. You get something better: A personal Pumpkin Pie!

Who needs a medal when there's pie?!
Who needs a medal when there’s pie?!

We showered and got ready for more relatives to come to our house to watch the Green Bay Packers play the Detroit Lions and to eat a feast. We were in WI, so of course it was a Packer party. Unfortunately they lost, but we still had a good time and the bloody mary bar helped.

thanksgiving bloody

The day was spent hanging with family, watching football, and eating lots of yummy food. Of course we broke into one of the pies from our race as part of our dessert. 🙂

I have a lot to be thankful for! It was a great Thanksgiving Day!

Friday was spent decorating the house for Christmas – a tradition for my mom and I. We’re not black Friday shoppers, and it was so much better to sleep in and just spend the day listening to Christmas music while decorating. I’m in full-on Christmas mode now!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Did you do a Thanksgiving Day race or go for a run? What kind of socks do you wear for winter running to keep your toes warm?


4 thoughts on “Turkey Trot Race Recap & Thanksgiving

  1. So I’m way behind on reading blogs, but too funny (yet, not funny) that we both had toe issues during our turkey trots! congrats on a great race 🙂

    • I know! I laughed when I saw you had the same issue. Hopefully we can find a good solution to keep our toes warm this winter!

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