Running & Sports Weekend

This past weekend was a Gopher Sports filled weekend with a couple of running workouts mixed in!

On Saturday morning, I got up and met Hyedi for a nice 3 mile run. The 3 miles flew by as we were chatting along the way. After that I headed home to get ready for the Gopher football game against Penn St. I was excited to get to see a Gopher football game live again this year, but wasn’t super excited about the cold, windy day. I did pretty good with staying warm with a blanket over my legs and my new winter coat, but it was still pretty chilly. The large coffee I bought was definitely necessary — both for the warmth and the caffeine!

But, it was a great game because the Gophers won!

Gopher football

On Sunday I got up early to get in my last long run before the Las Vegas Half Marathon. 6-8 miles was on the training schedule. Our instructions from Coach Chris were to listen to our body and do 6 miles if your legs are tired or go for 8 if you’re feeling good. I planned to do about 7 and ended up doing 7.5. I felt great for the run and had another great view.

Love the skyline view!
Love the skyline view!
Feeling ready for my 2nd half!
Feeling ready for my 2nd half!

In the afternoon I went to the Gopher volleyball game with my family. The match went to 5 sets, so we got to see a lot of volleyball, but unfortunately the Gophers fell a little short. Still fun to see them play.

Gopher vball

Made me miss playing sooo much! Need to work on finding a rec volleyball league to get back into playing.

What sporting events do you like to go to? Do you play any recreational/intramural sports?


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