Running My First Half Marathon Tomorrow!

The Monster Dash Half Marathon is tomorrow! This will be my first half marathon, and it happens to fall on my birthday. I was hesitant to sign up for this race because I didn’t know if I wanted to tackle my first half on my birthday, but I really wanted to do a half marathon this fall and Monster Dash was the best option.

Now that I’ve had time to train and think about it more, I’m really glad I signed up for it. I think completing my first half marathon on my birthday will be a great way to kick off what I hope will be another awesome year–not only for running, but for new adventures, and fun with friends and family.

I made my way to packet pick up this afternoon. I wasn’t able to get there as early as I had hoped. I was preparing myself for long lines, but it actually wasn’t too crowded and I got in and out in less than 30 min. Score #1 of the day!

Can't say I'm scared. Mostly excited, only a little nervous :)
Can’t say I’m scared. Mostly excited, only a little nervous πŸ™‚

I got my bib and headed to the table to get my race gear. This year’s gear was a hooded sweatshirt. I wasn’t psyched about a hooded sweatshirt. They had performance jackets for the half marathoners last year and I really wanted something like that. I got to the table and they warned us that the sweatshirts were running really big, but we could swap out the size. I got an XS instead of a small and made my way over to chip check.

After that, I saw a table where people were swapping gear and noticed that they had performance jackets over there that people were trying on and taking from the table. I read the sign on the table and saw that you could actually trade your sweatshirt for a performance jacket! I did just that. Score #2 of the day!

Finally have a jacket for running!
Finally have a jacket for running!

Tonight, I plan to make a big bowl of pasta for dinner (carbo-load!) and relax. I’ll also finalize my race-day outfit and gear. Here’s my plan so far, but I’ll check the temperature when I wake up in the morning and make adjustments as needed.

Outfit: Black tights, long sleeve shirt. Hoping it’s warm enough to not need another layer, but I’ll see in the morning.

Gear: Garmin watch, phone, music, GU, spibelt, headband. Maybe sunglasses and/or gloves.

Accessories: ‘Birthday girl’ sash, race bib.

Race-day outfit
Race-day outfit

Can’t believe the day is almost here!

Are you running any races this weekend? Have you ever run a race on your birthday?


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