Running Milestones

There are lots of milestones that a runner can go through. The first time you run a race, getting a new PR, running a new distance, and so many more.

I’ve had some great running milestones in the time that I’ve been running. A few that stick out are the first time I ran a 5K (Building Strength 5K in 2012), my second PR (Run@Work 5K), getting faster and running more and more miles at a pace that starts with a 9 instead of a 10.

I hit a pretty big running milestone this past weekend: I ran further than I have ever run before! Last Sunday I ran 10.6 miles!

The long run for my half marathon training this week was 10 miles. That distance would tie the longest distance I had run up to that point. I set that 10 mile distance record for myself last April when I did the Goldy’s 10 mile run.

The weather on Sunday morning was perfect for a long run–sunny and cool (about 50 degrees). Gave me a chance to test out my new running tights. (They worked out great on a long run, so I’ll probably be wearing them on race day.) I met up with some of the other Team Challenge folks for our weekly group run. We met at one of the amazing Minneapolis lakes, and our 10 mile route would actually take us around two of the lakes.

Ready to head out for 10 miles
Ready to head out for 10 miles

I took off and started my first loop of lake #1 (about 3 miles around). I was feeling good and let myself just settle in to a comfortable pace. I averaged 10:20 miles for these first few miles and liked that pace because I knew I still had a long way to go.

Such a beautiful morning for a 10 mile run :)
Such a beautiful morning for a 10 mile run 🙂

After getting around the lake, I took the path over to lake #2 for the next 4 miles. I pretty much kept my 10:20 pace for the middle part of the run too. A little after mile 5 I took some GU to fuel the second half of the run.

The lakes are just as pretty in the fall as they are in the summer!
The lakes are just as pretty in the fall as they are in the summer!

I made my way back to lake #1 for my last 3 miles and was still feeling good. I think the GU had kicked in — along with some adrenaline in knowing that I was approaching that 10 mile milestone — because my pace picked up a little around mile 8 to just under 10 minute miles. RunKeeper chimed in to say I had been running for 1 hr and 40 minutes, so I knew that 10 miles was just around the corning. A couple minutes later, I looked at my phone and it read 10.09 miles. I’m pretty sure I got a big grin on my face. Felt so good to get past that milestone!

Not only had I run 10 miles, but I still felt really good. I kept going for .6 more miles, but if I had to run around the lake one more time, I felt pretty confident that I could. That gave me a boost of confidence because this was my last longer run before my first half marathon on Oct. 26 (I’ll do one more 7-8 mile run this weekend).

On Oct. 26, I’ll hopefully be setting a couple more running milestones: running further than I ever have (again), and finishing my first half marathon. 🙂

What are some of your running milestones?


5 thoughts on “Running Milestones

  1. […] 10 mile milestone run: I did a 10 mile training run around a couple of the Minneapolis Lakes as training for my half marathons, and this one stands out because it was one of those running milestones where I ran farther than I had ever run. On top of that, it was a gorgeous day to be running around the lakes! […]

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