Sunday Run Day: Marathon Cheering and Long Run

The theme for Sunday was definitely running. I got up and met up with my friend, and fellow blogger on We Run This Blog, Ashley to head out to the Twin Cities Marathon course and cheer on our friends who were running. We made our way to mile 10. When we got there, some of the elite runners were going by. So impressive to watch them run!

We monitored our phones waiting to get alerts on the progress of our friends and got ready when we knew they were approaching. We cheered loud, and gave high fives as we saw our friends run by.

After we saw everyone at mile 10, Ashley and I headed over to mile 20.5. There weren’t as many spectators in this area, so it was nice to be there to support our friends again especially at a point in the race when they’re likely hurting and really tired (I mean, they’ve been running for over 20 miles!). We cheered for all the runners going by and held up our signs as we saw our friends again.

spectator sign2

spectator sign1

It was a lot of fun to be out there cheering for our friends and all of the marathoners on the course. It might not seem like you’re doing a lot when you’re clapping and yelling “great job!” but it means more to the runners than we realize. I saw a friend from college running and got to yell out her name and cheer for her at mile 20.5. I wasn’t expecting to see her, so I was so excited that I did. She later told me that those cheers helped her get through a really tough point in the course. It was a fantastic reminder of how important spectators/supporters are during a race. If my cheers help my friend, or any other runner, in some small way to get across the finish line that it was totally worth it!

Later that afternoon I needed to get out and do my long run for the week. I had 9 miles on the training plan, but kind of wanted to shoot for 9.5. I geared up and went outside to find that it was lightly raining (even though my weather app had been saying 0% chance of rain for the afternoon). I really didn’t want to do 9 miles in the misty/light rain, but I also really didn’t want to do 9 miles on the treadmill. So, I split it up. I started out on the treadmill and did 5 miles. Then I made my way outside again. It was still misting a little, so not too terrible for finishing up my run. I had some GU and drank some water before taking off.

I’m slightly paranoid about getting water/moisture on my phone (those things are expensive). I have an armband that works really well for keeping sweat off my phone when I run, but I haven’t tested it out in any kind of rain. I always run with my phone so I can track my run and listen to music. I decided to put the phone in a plastic bag in my Spibelt and go without any music for the last part of the run. I figure running on the cold rainy day was good practice in case the weather is crappy on race day, and running without music is good practice because not all races allow headphones.

Overall, the run went really well. I felt pretty good throughout. Next week, we do double digits – 10 miles! The half marathon is getting so close!

Do you ever cheer on friends/runners at races? Have cheering spectators ever helped you get through a tough spot in a race?


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