Running Out of Room

I’ve been building up a pretty good display of race bibs and medals over the past year.

Race bibs and medals
Race bibs and medals

I like having them on display. They’re a reminder of how far I’ve come — not only with my running but with helping me live a healthier lifestyle and maintain weight loss. Might be a bit of “runbrag,” but hey — I’m proud of them. 🙂

But, as you can see, I’m running out or room on the board I was using. The bibs and medals from my last few races have ended up on a table in my room.


I’m only expecting this pile to grow, so I need to figure out a new way to display my race bibs and medals. I took to Pinterest to get some ideas. I saw lots of boards where you hang the race bibs on a couple of hooks or with clips. A lot of them also had hooks for medals to hang off the board. There are some really cute ones on Etsy. The downside of something like this is only the bib on top is visible. But, the boards are nice and small for not taking up a ton of wall space.

I also like the idea of hanging the bibs on a wire. This option is nice because you can see all of the bibs a bit easier. Then, I could buy or make a board with hooks for medals or other race swag.

The last idea I saw was filling a poster frame with race bibs. Again, this is nice because you can see all of the bibs, but it would take up more wall space. And, I’d still need something separate for hanging medals and stuff.

Which option do you like the best? How do you display your race bibs and race bling?


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