Building Strength 5K Recap & Sunday Long Run

On Saturday morning I ran the Building Strength 5K Walk/Run. The run benefits South Metro Human Services, a non-profit organization that supports people with mental illness.

Building Strength 5K Walk/Run 2013
Building Strength 5K Walk/Run 2013

I was really excited to do this run again because it was kind of a milestone; I ran it last year and it was the first 5K I ever did! It made me reflect on all of the races I’ve done since then and all of the things I’ve accomplished. I used to have to really train for a 5K, but being in the midst of 1/2 marathon training means 3 mile runs are a common occurrence, so preparation for this year was much different from last year. I’m so excited for the Monster Dash 1/2 and Las Vegas 1/2 to add more milestone races and distances to my running resume.

It was a cloudy and fairly cool morning, but pretty nice for running. Rain was in the forecast, so our hope was we’d get done before that started. I knew I wasn’t going to race this one because I had an 8 mile run to look forward to on Sunday morning. My friend Hyedi and I ran together. We thought we’d take it easy and do 10 minute miles, but neither of us had a watch to easily look at our pace, so we didn’t really know how fast we were going. Turned we tied for 2nd place among females with a time of 28:05 (avg. pace of 9:03) – ha! We were too busy chatting to notice. Luckily we beat the rain and only had to deal with some sprinkles.

I even rocked my Team Challenge training shirt for the 5K. 🙂

build strength 2

Sunday morning was my long run with the Team Challenge group. I was going to participate in the foam rolling clinic with the group before our run, but a few of us missed the memo on exactly where we were supposed to meet, so we were in one spot while the group was in another. We eventually caught up with the group, but had missed the clinic. I was pretty bummed because I was really looking forward to learning how to use my new foam roller! But, I have a friend who is going to show me some stuff, so I’ll get to learn a few things soon.

I got ready to start my run then looked down at my headphone and realized one of the rubber pieces for my Yurbuds was missing. It’s fallen off before, so I wasn’t sure if it was in my car or had fallen off somewhere between my car and the running path. I still wore them, but had to adjust that right ear bud a few times. Luckily, I found the rubber piece in my car, so all is well because I love running with music and these ear buds work really well and stay put while you’re working out.


Overall, the long run was uneventful. I was feeling a bit tired for the first half of the run, but then got a burst of energy around mile 4 (have no idea where that came from). Around mile 5.5, I had some GU and I think that helped carry me through the rest of the 8.3 miles. Yesterday was National Coffee Day, so I stopped at Caribou for a free small coffee on my way home.

Free coffee on National Coffee Day
Free coffee on National Coffee Day

What was the first race you ever did?


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