Lots of exciting things are coming up this fall, so I have some countdowns going.

8 Weeks – Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon

The Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon is exactly 8 weeks away! That means I’m halfway through my training and fundraising with Team Challenge. This morning was our weekly group run. It’s a step-back week, so we just did 5 miles by the river in St. Paul. It was a gorgeous fall morning for a run. The air was cold and crisp, but the sun was shining. We met by a Caribou Coffee, so of course I had to grab some hot coffee to help warm up on my way home. πŸ™‚

river 1

river 2

5 Weeks – Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon

The Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon is 5 weeks away! This will be my first half marathon. My training plan for Vegas works out well for getting me ready for this race too. Our Team Challenge coach knows I’m doing this race just a few weeks before we head to Vegas, so she’s got some good suggestions for me to be ready for Monster Dash and have some time to recover after.

I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to dress up in a costume for Monster Dash. It would be fun to do, but obviously something I can run 13.1 miles in. Any good ideas for costumes?

2 Weeks – Twin Cities Marathon

I’m not running the TC Marathon, but I know at least six awesome people who are, and I’m so excited to get out on the course and cheer them on! My friend and I are going to hang out around mile 20 on the course. We might try to find another spot to watch earlier in the course too, but that’s still TBD. We’ll be ready to cheer and offer support as our friends make their way into the last six miles of race. We should be easy to spot because we’ll have bright pink t-shirts courtesy of Hyedi who is running the marathon as a sole mate for Girls on the Run. Pom poms, noisemakers, signs, and other fun stuff may also be involved. πŸ˜‰

GOTR cheer shirt

I picked up a spectator’s guide for the marathon at Caribou this morning, so we’ll have all the info we need!

spectator guide

Along with these awesome races, the fall season will also be filled with friends’ weddings, going to see Wicked – The Musical with the family, and lots of other fun stuff. The next couple months are going to be jam packed, but I’m super excited for all of these awesome events!

Are you counting down to something fun?


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