Group Run and Relaxing Sunday

It’s Sunday, so we had our Team Challenge group run this morning. We met at Lake Harriet bandshell at 8 a.m. Except it was a little later for some of us because lots of roads were blocked off due to a race going on. I was a little frazzled once I got there after searching for a parking spot on the street, but all of that went away as soon as I started running.

Today’s long run was 7 miles. It was a gorgeous morning for a run! Cool and cloudy – felt like fall. My average pace for the whole run was 10:15 which I was really happy with. I felt great at the beginning of the run and even had to remind myself to conserve some energy because I had a long way to go. I was afraid I’d get to 4 or 5 miles and just be out of energy. Obviously that didn’t happen considering I ran mile 6 in 9:53 – I think it was the GU I had at about 5.25 miles. 🙂 I had actually never tried GU, but now that I’m getting into some longer distances I wanted to try it out on a training run so that I know if it’s something I want/need during the half marathon. I was feeling hungry and a little sluggish around miles 4 and 5, so I think the GU did the trick to give me a boost for the last part of my run. I stopped when I hit 7 miles, but I felt like I could keep going. I have another GU that I’ll bring with me next week when we do 8 miles.

Splits for my 7 mile run
Splits for my 7 mile run

After the group run, I made my way home (navigating around a bunch of closed roads, which was a little annoying because all I wanted was some food and a shower!).

Football season is upon us! I spent most of the day doing laundry and watching football. I dozed off on the couch during part of the game which felt fantastic and was much needed after a busy and early travel day yesterday. Is there anything better than dozing off during the 3rd quarter of a football game? It’s the perfect afternoon nap.

I ran a few errands in the afternoon. I was definitely taken over by the cool weather this morning (even though tomorrow is supposed to be 96 degrees) because Dunkin Donuts coffee was on sale at Target and I stocked up on Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie flavors. The day was capped off by grabbing ice cream and catching up with Hyedi. Perfect end to a lovely Sunday.

How was your Sunday? Do you ever nap on the couch while watching sports?


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