Something is Better than Nothing

Some days you just don’t feel like working out. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Even though I had a pretty low-key weekend, I woke up feeling really tired on Monday morning and was feeling even more tired after work. I think I’m still recovering from a couple busy weeks of working, traveling, and running.

I ran 2.93 miles on Saturday and 6.28 miles on Sunday, so when I looked at the half marathon training plan and saw that Monday said “strength and cross training (optional),” I was very tempted to forgo the cross training. I got home from work, put my stuff down and ran through my options in my head:

  • Option 1: change, make dinner, and lounge on the couch
  • Option 2: change, go workout, then make dinner and lounge on the couch

The inside of my heel had been bugging me a little after my long run on Sunday, so I knew I didn’t want to do anything high impact and wanting a rest day was a good excuse for going with option 1. But, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get a workout in tonight because of plans after work, so that pushed me towards option 2. I also knew that I had leftover pasta in the fridge, so dinner would be quick and easy after a workout. It literally felt like 100 degrees outside, but I couldn’t really use that as an excuse to not workout because I have access to a workout room and indoor pool. So, I was pretty much out of excuses for not working out and made the decision to throw on my bathing suit and swim some laps.

Just keep swimming :)
Just keep swimming

While it was only a 20 minute swim, I felt a lot better about doing something rather than nothing. It made relaxing and watching old episodes of Bones that much better. And I still got some strength training in while watching TV. 🙂

There are always excuses for not working out, but I’ve found that I usually regret the workout I didn’t do more than the workout I did do. Now that Ragnar and other races are done, I’m trying to really focus on the half marathon training and want to stick to the training schedule as much as possible so that I can have the best chance of achieving my goals. Sometimes doing something small is better than nothing to keep yourself on track and keep moving!

What motivates you to go workout when you just don’t feel like it?


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