Ready for Ragnar

This pretty much sums up my weekend ahead: 200(ish) miles, 12 people, 2 vans, 1 crazy relay race.

This weekend I’ll be running the Ragnar Relay. Basically, we have a team of 12 people who are running a relay race covering about 200 miles. We split up into 2 vans (6 people per van) to make our way along the course and one person is always running. Each person on our team is assigned a number (1 through 12) and runs 3 legs of the race. I’m runner 11, so I’ll run legs 11, 23, and 35. The distances are different for each leg and for each runner but can range from about 3-9 miles. My legs will be 4 miles, 4.9 miles, and 6.7 miles respectively. (Of course my longest leg had to be my last.)

A race that lasts almost 2 days requires some pre-planning for what to pack. I’ve been keeping a list all week so I can write down stuff as I think of it. We’ll have 6 people “living” out of a minivan for those couple days, so packing light is key to being able to fit all of our stuff!

This was a great tip for packing your running outfits – put them in a gallon size Ziploc bag to keep everything together and then you can put them back in the bag after running.

Running outfits
Running outfits
Ragnar packing
Ragnar packing

Keep an eye out for my recap of the race early next week. I’m sure there will be a lot to share!


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