If the Shoe Fits

I had to miss the Team Challenge group run yesterday. I was sad to miss it because the group met at Mill City Running, a new running store in NE Minneapolis, to talk about proper shoes before the group run. It was close to time for me to get a new pair of shoes, so even though I couldn’t go with the group, I was able to stop in later in the day.  I’ve heard really good things about this store and had been wanting to check it out. My friend Hyedi reviewed the store on her blog recently, and I think she was spot on. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable.

If there’s one key piece of advice that’s given to new runners it’s “get the right shoes.” This doesn’t mean walking in a store and just buying the prettiest pair of tennis shoes, it means going to a running store and getting fitted for the right shoes for you. I got fitted last summer when I first started running, but I was interested in getting fitted again now that I’m running more.

After answering a few questions, they pulled several pairs of shoes for me to try on. We narrowed it down to two pairs. Mill City has a treadmill set up where they can watch you run to make sure the shoe is right for you. (Other running stores do this too.) At Mill City, they even record you running and watch the video in slow motion with you. It was cool to have them analyze my running to put me in the right shoe. The fitting confirmed that I need a neutral shoe, and I ended up getting a pair by Pearl Izumi (a brand I hadn’t heard of before).

New shoes
New shoes

I got to test out the new shoes on my run last night (4.75 miles), and they felt pretty good. I think I’ll need to wear them a couple more times to make sure they’re the right fit. Oh, and that’s another great thing about Mill City Running: They have a 30 day return policy. You can even wear the shoes outside and still return them if they’re not perfect. So nice to be able to wear the new shoes on the road and not just on the treadmill!

Have you ever been fitted for running shoes?


3 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits

  1. After reading both you and Hyedi’s posts, I really need to get over to Mill City Running! A few friends run in PIs and love ’em! Love the colors!

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